Spiritual MindSet Mastery Coach for Women
 An Evolution to Self Love
Lesley Vallance

"Lesley is hands down the most exceptional coach I have ever worked with. She has helped me more than she or I could have ever imagined. She has the most beautiful heart and soul and truly inspires me. She is so connected and gives such amazing spiritual insight, advice and really helps you to take back your power, find and follow your path. After every session, I always feel so light, grounded, clear, supported, empowered. motivated, happy, free, like I have gained so much knowledge, insight, learnt so much about myself and have let go of everything that isn’t serving me. Lesley really helps to discover your soul purpose. She has truly helped me to find mine, is so incredibly encouraging, supportive and reminds me to stay true to my true self. Thank you for all your support, you are an incredible coach and tarot card reader. I would recommend Lesley to anyone and have already recommended her to my nearest and dearest friends"


Alexis Nee

"I was looking for a positive, vibrant, caring and spiritual coach who would support and drive my growth (with me) across all levels of my life 

incredible learnings through the program were focused outcomes,  easily to use tools and presentations, being accountable , understanding my journey, knowing what I wanted and finally to decide my circle of life and balance. 

Life now is simple, I know what I want both professionally and personally"

Shona Robertson-Brown


"One of the best thing's, I have done for myself is going through this exciting journey to self love.  Lesley is truly an amazing coach who has helped me heal and opened my heart to the world. This journey has helped me grow, to let go of what no longer serves me and most importantly finding myself. Thank you for your support, positivity and encouragement"

Belinda Nee