Spiritual MindSet Mastery Coach for Women
 An Evolution to Self Love
Lesley Vallance

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I am a Spiritual Mindset Coach for women and am passionate about transforming lives by changing the way my clients operate at a deeper level.

My story is one of a challenging childhood of bullying, learning difficulties with Dyslexia, always feeling different due to my spiritual abilities that I didn't quite understand. Due to this I had very little confidence, never feeling good or worthy enough of finding my identity and place in world. 


I constantly lived out the same self destructive patterns & self harming behaviour, through out my teenage years and mid twenties, missing out on countless opportunities.  Until my spiritual journey to Mindset Mastery & Self Love began in my mid 20's, changing my life for the better. 

I was privileged to meet a number of spiritual teachers who are still very close to my heart today, they allowed me to see my Spiritual abilities as a gift that could not only improve my life but the lives of those around me.  I was introduced to Angel Card Reading, Chakra balancing, meditation and many more psychic development techniques that I continue to improve and adapt everyday through the power of sharing and learning.

I became obsessed with learning about how people operate a deeper level and so with my growing spiritual knowledge, was drawn to balance this out with the Science and completed my Bsc In Psychology, Person Centred Counselling, Cert IV in Life Coaching and most recently my Masters in NLP.

This journey has given me the confidence I deserved, a sense of purpose and passion, that in turn helped me make the most phenomenal life changing decisions and choices, that I didn't think even possible and now I get to pass these secrets on to you.

          Qualifications & Experience

  • BSc Degree (hons) in Psychology

  • Masters in NLP

  • Person Centered Counselling

  • Cert IV Life and wellbeing Coach

  • Career Counsellor

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Angel Tarot card readings

  • Chakra balancing meditation

  • Crystal Cleansing

I believe my experience and qualifications beautifully combines the experience of the Spiritual with the knowledge of the Sciences, giving you access to a tailored transformational coaching plan that will ensure your success.