Spiritual MindSet Mastery Coach for Women
 An Evolution to Self Love
Lesley Vallance


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12 Week online Spiritual Mindset Mastery - A Journey to self Love Course 


What is a Spiritual Mindset Coach

A Spiritual Mindset Coach can support significant change in your life, by delving deep into your deep rooted beliefs and strengthen the connection to your own intuition.  Showing you how to work with the laws of the universe to get what you want instead of just accepting whatever comes your way. 

Spiritual Mindset coaches live by spiritual principles, they know how to make miracles happen by working with and understanding the Universal laws of the Universe.  You don't have to be religious to work with a Spiritual Mindset Coach - you just have to be open to strengthening your connection to your higher self.

Spiritual Mindset Coaches are experienced in with helping people connect with their sense of self, peace, love and purpose in life.

Connecting with your higher self

Life can feel very disconnected at times when we don't have the understanding of why we are here and what our purpose is on this planet.  Having a understanding of who we are and deep foundation of self-love is a sacred right for all women and is the root of everything in your life. 

Practices that can be used to connect your with your higher self are mediation and energy healing (Chakra Balancing) for example, these help us get in touch with the divine aspects that exist within ourselves. When we silence our minds from the busy world outside, we can find ourselves on a journey of exploration of self, that will gain some clarity on where we come from, what we are meant to do with our time on this earth and discover who we are on a deeper and profound level. 

Meditation has many benefits and go beyond the capacity of just connecting in with your higher self, research has shown that it is known to reduce stress, improve memory and over brain function and improves our intuition. 

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a significant part of the practices in Spiritual Mindset Coaching, these practices assist in rebalancing our energy, removing self limiting beliefs, behaviors and thinking so we can create new habits that are in align with our dreams and who we chose to be in the world.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Chakras are energetic wheels, placed throughout our bodies and they correspond in with emotional and physical health responses when we have blockages in these areas, this can lead to illness , stress.  Chakra Balancing Meditation allows these centres (wheels) to be rebalanced.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is quite often used in conjunction to Chakra Healing because of their amazing powers to assist in the rebalancing of energy's.  Different crystals will align with each Chakra.  

Not just a Regular Life Coach

Life coaching really does change Lifes, it has a significant impact on many aspects from improving relationships, achieving lifelong dreams, reaching new goals and discovering parts of your personalities that you have never seen before, but these things only really scratch the surface of a real connection to self a deeper level.  This is where Spiritual Mindset Coaching comes in to practice.

A Spiritual Mindset coach will not only walk you through various NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) practices and techniques, to let go of self limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving those goals and dreams but will also provide insight to an entirely different set of goals such as your journey to self love, Spiritual development and fulfillment.  


Many Spiritual Mindset Coaches will have spiritual gifts and abilities that will be used as part of their practice and should always be explained before any coaching takes place.

How will it change my life

The benefits you will receive from this type of coaching,  will go beyond life changing.  You will not only grow as a person but will also expand spiritually on many levels.  You will see the world in a different way, learning to live from a place of being rather than wanting, becoming the creator of your life rather than always reacting to old self limiting beliefs. 

You will learn the practice of meditation that will allow you to clear your mind, keep peace in your life even when you are surrounded by chaos and finally understand what you need to be happy, whole, connected to self and spiritually in-tune.


You will start to make decisions based on your increased sense of self and intuition that will improve your experience on this earth, in a positive and profound way.